AROP evening — Opera


14 Oct. 2020

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  • Opéra Bastille
  • Cocktail attire

“Who am I?” wonders the orphan raised by  the perfidious Mime, and the son of Sigmund and Sieglinde. The quest for identity and the awakening of manhood are at the heart of Siegfried. From simple mortal to fiery hero, the rite of passage of this pure being leads him to measure himself against those stronger than he is. Triumphing over all, Siegfried finds himself in possession of the Ring. But what can the greatest treasure of all mean to someone completely disinterested? One thing remains for this reckless hero still to encounter: fear. On finding the sleeping Brünnhilde, Siegfried must abruptly face infantile fears as yet unknown to him. It is in bringing the Walkyrie back to life that he attains adulthood. And thereby brings love into the world.

  • 18:00

    First part

  • 19:25

    Intermission cocktail

  • 20:10

    Second part

  • 21:25

    Intermission cocktail

  • 21:55

    Third part

  • 23:15

    End of the performance


Avec le soutien de

  • Étienne Binant et Sébastien Grandin