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Celebrating 350 years

Throughout this season and until December 31, 2019, the Paris Opera is celebrating its 350 year anniversary, remembering June 28, 1669, the day Louis XIV established by letters patent the Royal Academy of Music and founded the first permanent opera in the world.

Under the royal trusteeship, the institution brings together a troupe of singers, the first professional orchestra of France, and the Corps de Ballet of the Royal Academy of Dance. Also named Opera Academy or Opera, it has a mission to promote the French opera in Paris and in the major cities of the kingdom. Louis XIV grants it a privilege: a monopoly in the representation of musical theater plays.

An event equally formative for the history of the lyrical art in France, the creation of the Royal Academy of Music also dates back to the history of the Ballet. The choreographic art, until then intended for the entertainment of the Court, now has a stage: the troupe dances during the interludes of the operas. The Ballet is gradually claiming its independence until having its own repertoire in the nineteenth century.

Today, the Paris Opera is the repository of this prestigious heritage; while celebrating its three and a half centuries of history, the Paris Opera follows the monarch's original intuition: opening itself to all forms of art, welcoming, listening to our society, and engaging in dialogue with major cultural institutions.

For this anniversary, the Paris Opera is offering a program of premieres (exceptional performances, concerts, exhibitions, conferences, masterclasses, and meetings), in partnership with other renowned national and international institutions (namely, the Musée d'Orsay, the Pompidou Center, the Collège de France, the National Library of France, and several theaters in the region).

The performances of the Academy of Opera in the region will also allow the cast to meet all the audiences and contribute to the influence of the institution beyond its city of birth.


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