Support projects - A gift for future generations

Bequests, donations, life insurance

Entrusting all or part of your property to the Opéra national de Paris bears witness to a special relationship with our institution and means being a part of its tercentenary history; choosing to sustainably support its lyrical and choreographic activities; allowing it to spread its values of artistic excellence.

The Cercle Fides brings together donors wishing to support the activities of the Paris Opera in the long term, through a bequest, a donation or a subscription to life insurance. This Circle allows generous donors who so wish to pass on, like bearers of witness, their passion for opera and ballet to future generations.

AROP is happy to associate the generous members of Cercle Fides with the activities of the Paris Opera by inviting them to take part in exclusive events each season.

The Paris National Opera would like to thank the Cercle Fides members for their support:

  • Sam R. Freck
  • Anne Gestin
  • Leonard M. Levie
  • Laurent Petizon
  • Olli Marius Turpeinen