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Involved in a constant process of innovation, openness and diversification of its audiences, the Paris National Opera bolsters its impact beyond its theatres thanks to the development of audiovisual and digital projects online and on social networks, that strenghtens its international influence and enriches its dialogue with younger generations.

The Paris Opera implements an ambitious audiovisual and digital policy in order to sensitize a largest audience to the art of opera and dance. The broadcasts of its shows on radio and television, in cinemas, for streaming or for outdoor screenings enable to share its artistic excellence.

With the online magazine Octave and on social networks, the Paris Opera offers original contents for free, that allow worldwide visitors discovering the behind-the-scenes.

Launched in April 2020, the mobile site Aria provides neophytes with keys to explore the world of opera and ballet and discover the masterpieces of our repertoire. This educational and playful platform is available worldwide, both in French and in English, and offers an interactive experience supplemented by the integration of artificial intelligence. Last December, the Paris Opera has enriched its already varied digital offer and launched its new platform “L’Opéra chez soi”, including VOD service. “L’Opéra chez soi” is available worldwide and offers previously unreleased or already existing broadcasts of operas, ballets and symphonic works, both live and recorded, as well as educational contents and original creations from the digital 3e Scène. The films on the 3e Scène give an unusual glimpse into the universe of music and dance, of the Paris Opera, its heritage, its trades and the architecture of its venues.

The audiovisual and digital projects of the Paris National Opera help contribute to highlight its artists and its repertoire.

L’OPÉRA CHEZ SOI | Discover the new streaming platform of the Paris National Opera!




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