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Pointe shoes appeal

Help keep the dancers on their toes!

Known as a symbol of virtuosity, lightness and refinement, the pointes technique was born in 1813 at the Paris Opera with dancer Geneviève Gosselin. It gained wide popularity a few years later with Marie Taglioni who starred in La Sylphide, her iconic role.The pointe shoes are tailor-made for each ballerina and have a limited lifespan – an Étoile in a leading role can wear up to 3 or 4 pairs per performance. Essential to their art, the ballet footwear enables the dancers to work each day at their best level.

Contribute to purchasing the Paris Opera Ballet footwear and pointe shoes
and receive a signed picture,
a signed pair of pointe shoes,
an invitation to a backstage tour or a rehearsal..

Each donation corresponds to a concrete need:€60 is 1 pair of pointe shoes;€300 is 1 pair of tailor-made man boots;€5,000 is 5 performances of Raymonda;€10,000 is 1 year of pointe shoes for an étoile

€15,000 is all pointe shoes and soft ballet shoes for the performances of Giselle

The Paris Opera Ballet dancers use around 10,000 pairs of pointe shoes each season, for a total cost of around €400,000.

Please feel free to contact Gabrielle Tallon, Major Donors officer, by phone at +33 (0)1 58 18 65 15 or by email at


VIDEO | La magie des pointes, Octave Magazine

ARTICLE | “Brown Point Shoes Arrive, 200 Years After White Ones”, New York Times (4 novembre 2018)

Donors living abroad can enjoy tax benefits from their country of residence.

Please contact us for more information by email at or by phone at +33 (0)1 58 18 65 15

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  • Romarin Billong
  • Gregory Maes


  • Mevlüt Erding

  • Emmanuel Weyd
  • Jana Jagoe

  • Boris Damon
  • Hélène Mulliez
  • Jean-Etienne Szollosi
  • François Theves

  • Et, Danielle Bechet
  • Virginie Boennec
  • Joëlle Bonnet
  • Coralie Charriot
  • Laurent Cabanes
  • Véronique Daubée
  • Bertrand Deschamps
  • Apolline Dron
  • Mauricette Haas
  • Francisco Javier Iglesias
  • Laurence Lenoir
  • Lucette Vimard

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