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The Paris Opera Academy

Transmission, training and creation are the three core missions of the Paris Opera Academy. Focused on two fields, the professional training on one hand and the artistic education on the other hand, the Paris Opera Academy strives to accompany young artists in learning their craftsmanship, and enables young spectators to discover the world of opera and ballet in an active and innovative process.

Stage directors and choreographers from various backgrounds are invited to offer a new vision of repertoire works, both for artists and craftspeople in residence and for students, as part of their artistic education.

Each season, the Academy offers a programme of shows, concerts, recitals and meetings dedicated to the young audience, and welcomes nearly 20,000 spectators of all ages. The Opera teams and their teachers introduce this young audience to the art of opera and ballet.

The cultural education programmes hinge on three key discoveries: the Opera’s skills through meetings with our professionals, the masterpieces of our repertoire thanks to performances, rehearsals and broadcasts, and our venues as part of visits of the theatres and their backstages.


The transmission of artistic expertise is a priority mission of the Paris Opera Academy, which hosts each season around thirty young artists in residence in order to complete their training. These artists from all over the world, singers, pianists-vocal coaches, instrumentalists and stage directors, are improving their skills at the Paris Opera during two or three seasons.

For the 2021/2022 season, the Paris Opera wishes to strengthen the presence of the Academy outside its walls in order to meet new audiences and promote access for all to live performance. The artists of the Academy will therefore shine on the Dijon Opera stage in two new lyrical productions: L’Isola disabitata by Joseph Haydn, and L'incoronazione di Poppea by Claudio Monteverdi.

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The cultural education programme “Dix Mois d’École et d’Opéra” (“Ten Months of School and Opera”), conceived in partnership with the French Ministry of National Education, offers 22 classes the opportunity to build projects around the discovery of ballet and opera for two years. It also proposes a workshop of excellence for two classes: one violin class and one dance class enjoy art practice on school time for 6 to 8 hours per week.


Since the 2019/2020 season, the choreographer Régine Chopinot has led workshops welcoming vulnerable young exiled people learning French. Through dance, aligning words and deeds, she passes on tools for a better personal, human and societal development.


In partnership with the Île-de-France region, young apprentices from 11 partner schools take part in different artistic workshops during school time organised by artists and the Academy team. Thanks to this programme including visits and meetings with professionals, the apprentices learn complementary knowledges they will be able to use throughout their careers.


“L’Opéra pour moi aussi” (“The Opera for me too”) is a programme developed in partnership with the city of Sarcelles and composed of three parts. The first one is dedicated to a group of adults enrolled in a process of social integration and learning French. The second one is based on the “École de la seconde chance” (“School of the second chance”) of Sarcelles and allows young adults to follow specific approaches of the opera that might help them in their professional orientation. The last one offers young pupils a discovery programme of the Paris Opera.


The “Opéra-Université” programme aims at offering every university student a chance to discover opera and ballet. These customized courses help them to foster an intergenerational dialogue.


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