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The Cercle Noverre

When you become a part of the Cercle Noverre, you are embarking on a humanistic and artistic adventure!

The Cercle Noverre was named for the famed ballet master and founder of modern ballet Jean‑Georges Noverre (1727-1810). It brings together aficionados of classical and contemporary ballet who wish to provide support for the choreographic development of the Paris Opera.

Every season, the Cercle Noverre supports two new ballet productions, thus giving rise to new opportunities for the Company to enrich its repertoire.

Supported productions in 24/25

MARCH 27 › APRIL 18, 2025
OCD Love
Choreographer Sharon Eyal
Choreographer Mats Ek

MAY 8 › JUNE 4, 2025
Choreographer Manuel Legris

The Paris Opera year-round, with an array of exclusive services
A privileged audience experience that includes a priority ticketing service and exclusive seating, ideal flexibility for performance reservations, access to private lounges at the Palais Garnier and Opéra Bastille, as well as priority access to AROP evenings and gala events.

Behind-the-scenes access and a unique view of life at the Opera
Invitations to attend both stage and studio rehearsals at the Palais Garnier and Opéra Bastille, chances to meet a wide range of artists (dancers, choreographers, artistic teams), as well as guided tours and other events in conjunction with the major programming events occurring throughout the season.

See your name appear in Paris Opera and AROP publications, both in print and online (opera and ballet programs, brochures, websites).


Tax reduction of 66% on Individual Income Tax or 75% on Wealth Tax.

Find out about the tax measures available to taxable donors in France and abroad by clicking here.

The Paris National Opera would like to thank the Cercle Noverre members for their support:

  • Philippe et Donatienne Beaufour
  • Saam et Sarah Golshani

  • Aude Bailleau
  • Vassila Boukhlef
  • Emmanuel Goldstein
  • Gildas Le Gonidec de Kerhalic
  • Béatrice Hermand
  • Bernard Le Masson
  • Florentine Mulliez
  • Isaline Puech
  • Klavs Rosenfalck et Philippe M. Denis
  • Isabelle et Rupert Schmid

  • Marc et Alyssa Auberger
  • Christophe de Backer
  • Valérie Bernis
  • Ghazal et Franck Brunel
  • Laurent et Caroline C. Colombo
  • Xavier Chassin de Kergommeaux et Patrick Nectoux
  • Bernard et Marie Coisne
  • Sabrina et Stéphane Distinguin
  • Christophe Drezet et Jean-Baptiste Marcault
  • Frédéric Fontan de Gouvion Saint-Cyr, Comte Hervé de Gouvion Saint-Cyr
  • Antoine Gaudemet
  • Olivier et Maryse Gayno
  • Tiphaine et Jean-Philippe Hecketsweiler
  • Marc et Emmanuelle Henry
  • Fabienne Kiszelnik
  • Fady et Caroline Lahame
  • Arnaud et Charlotte Lavit d'Hautefort
  • Sophie Lecoq et Fawzi Kyriakos-Saad
  • Arnaud et Damienne Marion
  • Rebecca Miller et Rémi Buttiaux
  • Anne-Hélène et Gianmarco Monsellato
  • Carolyn Occelli et Ardavan Safaee
  • Olga Okner et Aurélien Loszycer
  • Emmanuel et Alix Pradère
  • Natasha Rostovtseva
  • Raoul et Melvina Salomon
  • Ghislaine et Frédéric Sanchez
  • Évelyne Sevin et Pascal Macioce
  • Lidwine et Emmanuel Weyd

  • Some donors wished to remain anonymous