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The Paris Opera Ballet School

The Paris Opera Ballet School was established by Louis XIV’s royal decree in 1713; it welcomes each year nearly 150 female and male students, who are recruited after a highly selective competition.The School transmits the style and technique of the French School of ballet, to develop the young artists’ talents and allow them to approach the large repertoire of the Paris Opera Ballet.

The unique teaching programme is based on the repetition of movements and on a direct transmission from master to student. Each year, this method allows some senior students from the School to enter the Paris Opera Corps de Ballet, following a competition that takes place in July.

The Paris Opera Ballet School is an exceptional institution for its longevity and the legacy of remarkable teachers. Since 1987, it is based in Nanterre, in the suburbs of Paris.

Each season, public classes and the annual show take place on the Palais Garnier stage and offer a large audience the opportunity to enjoy the high requirements of the student’s learning. During these performances, the students present the skills that are required to master the codes of the French Ballet technique, and provide an overview of the other dance styles and arts that complete their training: contemporary dance, folk dance, mime, character dance and musical expression.


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