The AROP team

The AROP team

Director : Jean-Yves Kaced

Deputy Directors : Richard Chevallier, Pascal Riu

Direction Assistant : Anne-Bérengère Nivaud

Head of Finance and Accounting : Arnaud Gachelin

Accountant : Nabil Azi

Management controller : Pierre Ardant

Administrative Officer : Son Phan Thanh

Individuals division

Head of Individuals division : Alison Chekhar

Head of booking and relations with individual members : Eve Terracol 

Booking and relations with individual members officers : Justine Bou / Jean Colomes / Florence Delambre / Helena Romeo

Head of Events projects : Julie Ferrand

Senior events projects officer : Marie Brulon / Agathe Sabran

Communication division

Head of Communications division : Alison Chekhar

Digital Communications Officer : Axel Chevallier / Dien-An Nguyen

Communications and Publishing Officer : Jade Ruocco

Philanthropy and Major Donors division

Head of Philanthropy and Major Donors division : Matthieu Odinet

Head of Major Donors : Nina Dallot / Gabrielle Tallon

Head of Private Foundations and International Development : Lara Oliveau

Patrons and major donors Officers :  Julia Hecart /  Ivan Tuffier

Corporations division

Head of Corporate giving : Albin Gaudaire

Head of Corporate giving : Capucine Nicolas / Tiphaine du Rostu / Pauline Thonier

Senior Corporate giving officers : Alice Barret / Jonathan Pauthier

Corporate giving officers :  Anne-Laure Lenormand

Events projects officer : Anh Lan Cortella

Head of Corporate Public Relations offers : Thomas Astoux

Senior Corporate Public Relations Officer :  Ludivine Maury

Corporate Public Relations officers :  Elise Denis / Pablo Gosset / Flavie Nadaud / Eliette Reisacher / Stela Rodrigues