FEDORA - The European Circle


FEDORA - The European Circle of Philanthropists of Opera and Ballet

FEDORA is a non-profit organization committed to supporting and contributing to the future of opera and ballet. The association was (re) founded in 2014 in Paris, under the presidency of Jérôme-François Zieseniss, as a tribute to Rolf Liebermann.

The main objective of FEDORA is to encourage the philanthropy in the fields of opera and ballet. In order to achieve this goal, it raises funds for the creation of new opera and ballet co-productions thanks to the FEDORA - VAN CLEEF & ARPELS Award for the Ballet and the FEDORA - GENERALI Award for the Opera, which encourage the artistic cooperation between the opera houses, dance companies, festivals, and the artists. Today 80 cultural institutions in 20 countries are part of the FEDORA network.

The projects are pre-selected by Opera Europa, a professional association of opera houses and festivals in Europe, and the recipients of the FEDORA Awards are selected by a jury of experts. In addition, FEDORA offers its members privileged access to operas and festivals in Europe and thus builds a network of philanthropists who share the same values and who support the opera and ballet at the European level. Clotilde Corsini, based in Florence, is the vice president of the organization. Its Secretary General is Jean-Yves Kaced, Director of AROP (the Friends of the Paris Opera), and Peter Espenhahn, based in London, is its Treasurer. Dr. Léone Noëlle Meyer and Gianmarco Monsellato are the founding members. Edilia Gänz is the Director. In 2017, FEDORA received the "Philanthropy Award" at the International Opera Awards.

The FEDORA Platform: www.fedora-platform.com

In 2017, FEDORA's innovative initiative allowed it be to selected by the European Union to benefit from its "Creative Europe" funding program. This program will enable it to receive up to 2 million euros over a period of four years.

The interactive platform, www.fedora-platform.com , serves as a European hub: a European quality label, promoting innovative and hybrid co-productions of opera and ballet, created by up-and-coming artists from various disciplines. This platform encourages the engagement of existing and new audiences by allowing them to vote for the creation of their choice and, moreover, to participate in their funding through an online donation.

Since AROP is a member of the FEDORA network, AROP's Patron members can enjoy privileged access to opera houses, festivals, and dance companies in the FEDORA network through...

... Special Events by FEDORA:

FEDORA can offer AROP Patron members privileged access to "Special Events" organized in some European opera houses of its network. Information about these offers is communicated in a timely manner and includes details on special services, such as the program of the performance, a cocktail during the intermission, a meeting with the artists, backstage visits, etc.

... VIP Ticket Service from FEDORA :

Thanks to FEDORA's VIP Ticket Service, AROP Patron members can contact the association to reserve seats in the European opera houses and festivals of its network . Therefore, FEDORA will make its best efforts to obtain seats and extend an offer including additional services, such as the program of the performance, a cocktail during the intermission, a welcome by a representative of the opera house, etc.


For more information on the FEDORA association and the FEDORA Platform contact:
Edilia Gänz, Director, edilia.gaenz@fedora-circle.com

For more information on the FEDORA Services contact:
FEDORA, Palais Garnier, 8, rue Scribe, 75009 Paris, France
Email: services@fedora-circle.com, Tel: +33 (0) 1 58 18 65 04