Cultural event — Rehearsal


06 Jun. 2023

  • Palais Garnier

Enter the heart of the creation and discover the artists at work!

The Paris National Opera offers Arop members the privilege of observing the work of the artists and the genesis of a production at different times: work sessions, pre-dress rehearsal and dress rehearsal. The dress rehearsal is the last rehearsal before the first performance.


Founded in 2000 by Gabriela Carrizo and Franck Chartier, Peeping Tom is a Belgian dance‑theatre company that deploys its actor‑dancers within worlds both fantastic and sombre in which extreme choreographic language, technical virtuosity and dramatic intensity meet. In hyper‑realist decors reminiscent of a film set, Triptych brings together three pieces that draw the spectator into a startling, labyrinthine imaginary universe. Within a drawing room whose doors do not open, the cabin of a mysterious boat and a restaurant that fills with water, the characters of this trilogy waver between memories grounded in reality and their fantasies, guided by natural forces that lead them to an uncertain fate. With its inventive choreography, its disturbing atmosphere suffused with sound effects and a scenario that explores the rawest dimensions of the human psyche, this production invites us into the characters’ memories and gives us a voyeuristic insight into their inner drama.

Conditions of access to dress rehearsal :

The presentation of your Arop card is mandatory to collect your ticket at the Arop control on the same evening.

At the Palais Garnier and the Opéra Bastille, we have "Protocol" seats.

Seats are assigned by membership level: Founding Patron members (Mécène Fondateurs) have priority over Patron members (Mécènes).

Seats are assigned by order of booking arrival (first booking, first served) and cannot be guaranteed in case of late registration.

Seating is free in the reserved areas: we advise you to arrive one hour before the start of the rehearsal.

Download the details of the reservation conditions and the access conditions.

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