Cultural event — Rehearsal


16 Jun. 2023

  • Opéra Bastille

Enter the heart of the creation and discover the artists at work!

The Paris National Opera offers Arop members the privilege of observing the work of the artists and the genesis of a production at different times: work sessions, pre-dress rehearsal and dress rehearsal. The dress rehearsal is the last rehearsal before the first performance.


Created in 1997 for the Paris Opera Ballet, this work was born out of the painter Olivier Debré’s desire to paint a series of abstract tableaux: evocations of that primordial sign, the smile. Taking these flamboyant painted scenes as her starting point, representing different places in the world like so many different emotional states and humours, the choreographer Carolyn Carlson sets her dancers in motion to an original score by René Aubry and gives life to a dreamlike piece. A ballet that has since become a cult work in the Paris Opera repertoire, Signes embodies the links between painting, music and dance and extends them to the stage.

Conditions of access to dress rehearsal :

The presentation of your Arop card is mandatory to collect your ticket at the Arop control on the same evening.

At the Palais Garnier and the Opéra Bastille, we have "Protocol" seats.

Seats are assigned by membership level: Founding Patron members (Mécène Fondateurs) have priority over Patron members (Mécènes).

Seats are assigned by order of booking arrival (first booking, first served) and cannot be guaranteed in case of late registration.

Seating is free in the reserved areas: we advise you to arrive one hour before the start of the rehearsal.

Download the details of the reservation conditions and the access conditions.

  • 20:00

[TRAILER] SIGNES by Carolyn Carlson

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TOÏ TOÏ TOÏ I 5 questions sur SIGNES avec HANNAH O'NEILL #ballet #dance

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