Cultural event — Rehearsal

George Balanchine work sessions

27 Jan. 2020

  • Opéra Bastille

Enter into the heart of creation and catch the artists in action!

The Paris Opera offers Arop members the privilege of being able to observe the work of artists and the development of a production at different times: working sessions, pre-dress and dress rehearsal.

Access conditions:

• Absolute silence is required so that artists do not feel the presence of an audience.

• Prohibition to leave the room during the rehearsal.

• Prohibition of photographing or filming and applauding.

• In case of late arrival, access to the break only.

Anyone who does not respect these rules may be denied access to rehearsals. The working sessions last about 3 hours with a 30 minutes break for operas and a 20 minute break for ballets.

Cancellation conditions:

• These sessions may be interrupted or closed to the public at any time for technical or artistic reasons.

• If canceled, Arop can not commit to postpone your place.

• In case of withdrawal, please notify us as soon as possible so that members on a waiting list can benefit from free spots.

• Any cancellation by you for a rehearsal (working session, pre-dress and dress rehearsal) in less than 2 working days from the date of the event, will be deducted from the number of spots allocated per season.

Terms of booking:

The allocation of the rehearsal spots is done per level of membership: Patrons members have priority over Benefactors, who have priority over Donor members, who have priority on Friends, who have priority over Discovery members.

  • 19:30