Cultural event — Rehearsal


21 Sep. 2021

  • Palais Garnier

Enter the heart of the creation and discover the artists at work!

The Paris National Opera offers Arop members the privilege of observing the work of the artists and the genesis of a production at different times: work sessions, pre-dress rehearsals and dress rehearsals.


Swedish choreographer Alexander Ekman’s first ballet for the dancers of the Paris Opera, Play, had its world premiere at the Palais Garnier in December 2017. The choreographer brings the performers onto a vast playground where emotions and imagination are given free rein. To an original score by Mikael Karlsson the dancers’ bodies metamorphose into stag-like silhouettes or dive into a field of coloured balls. A performance replete with communicative energy, Play combines dance, theatre, music and song in a profound, festive and at times farcical spirit that is rich with humour.

Access requirements:

The above activity is scheduled but changes can be applied related to the evolution of the health situation. The health pass is required to participate.

The pre-dress rehearsals are booked in priority for members who couldn’t get seats for the dress rehearsals of the same performances.

Download the details of the reservation conditions and the access conditions.

  • 14:30


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