Cultural event — Rehearsal

Prince Igor dress rehearsals

22 Nov. 2019

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  • Opéra Bastille

Enter the heart of creation and surprise the artists in action

The Paris Opera offers Arop members the privilege of being able to observe the work of the artists and the development of a production at different moments: during work sessions, pre-dress rehearsals and dress rehearsals. The dress rehearsal is the last rehearsal before the first performance of a show.


Borodin’s only opera, this great Russian epic, best known for its Polovtsian Dances, questions the responsibilities of a leader with regard to his people. Having ceded power to his despotic brother in-law in order to go to war, Igor is taken prisoner with his son. From his refusal to negotiate with the enemy to his return home, the prince’s deeds invite us to reconsider our own moral values. By divesting the work of folklore of the most elementary kind, Barrie Kosky’s production highlights a universal need for ethics.

General access conditions:

The presentation of your Arop card is obligatory to collect your Arop control ticket the same evening.

We have "Protocol" seats at the Palais Garnier and Opéra Bastille.

The seats are provided based on the level of membership: Patron members have priority over Benefactor members.

The seats are provided on the first come first served basis and cannot be guaranteed in case of late registration.

The seating is free in the reserved areas; we recommend that you arrive one hour before the start of the rehearsal.

Download the details of booking conditions and access conditions.

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