Cultural event — Rehearsal

The park pre-dress rehearsals

03 Dec. 2019

  • Palais Garnier

Enter the heart of creation and surprise artists in action

The Paris Opera offers Arop members the privilege of being able to observe the work of artists and the development of a production at different times: work sessions, pre-dress and dress rehearsal. The pre-dress rehearsal is the penultimate rehearsal before the first performance.


In this piece designed for the Opera Ballet in 1994, choreographer Angelin Preljocaj succeeds in a subtle balance between classical breathing carried by the music of Mozart, and the modernity of his choreographic language.

The carved decorations evoke the elegance and delicacy of "French-style" gardens, and the costumes are inspired by those of the Enlightenment. Evolving according to an imaginary map of Le Tendre, guided by strange gardeners, dancers awaken to love, from their first encounter to games of seduction, timidity to attraction, from resistance to sweet abandon in a sublime pas de deux. Today, this timeless work questions the journey of feelings and explores the codes of love.

The pre-dress rehearsals are reserved in priority to the members who could not get spots at the same performance for a dress rehearsal.

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  • 19:30