Cultural event — Rehearsal

WORK SESSION : I Capuleti e i Montecchi

16 Sep. 2022

  • Opéra Bastille

Enter the heart of the creation and discover the artists at work!

The Paris National Opera offers Arop members the privilege of observing the work of the artists and the genesis of a production at different times: work sessions, pre-dress rehearsals and dress rehearsals.


When, in 1830, Vincenzo Bellini took up the task of adapting Romeo and Juliet for La Fenice in Venice, he had only six weeks in which to compose an opera. Felice Romani, his librettist ever since his first successful opera, Il Pirata, chose to go back, beyond Shakespeare, to the Italian sources of the myth. The drama is now more sombre: the quarrel between the two families has become a veritable war. In the very title chosen by Bellini, the families’ names have eclipsed those of Romeo and Juliet, just as the conflict poisons their passion. The opera also resurrects a scene that Shakespeare omitted: when Juliet, whom Romeo believed to be dead, awakens in the tomb, the two lovers are permitted a brief exchange before succumbing to eternal sleep. The director Robert Carsen sets the lyrical expression of these inextricably entwined lives in an austere decor illuminated by ardent love. A love transcended by Bellini's tender, dreamlike score.

Access requirements:

- Absolute discretion so that the artists do not feel the presence of an audience.

- It is forbidden to leave the room during the rehearsal.

- No photography or filming and no applause.

- In case of delay, entry are allowed only during the break.

Any person who does not respect these rules may be refused access to the rehearsals. Work sessions last approximately 3 hours with a 30 minute break for operas and 20 minutes for ballets.

Cancellation policy:

- These sessions may be interrupted or closed to the public at any time for technical or artistic reasons.

- If they are cancelled, the Arop cannot be held responsible for rescheduling your seat.

- In case of withdrawal, please inform us as soon as possible so that members on a waiting list can benefit from the available seats.

- Any cancellation on your part for a rehearsal (work session, pre-general and general), less than 2 working days before the date of the event, will be deducted from the number of places allocated per season.

Booking procedure:

The assignment of rehearsal seats is done by membership level: Founding Patron members have priority over Patron members, who have priority over Benefactor members, who have priority over Donor members, who have priority over Friend members.

  • 19:30