AROP evening — Ballet

Cri de cœur / Alan Lucien Øyen

11 Oct. 2022

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  • 2h50 with 1 intermission
  • Palais Garnier
  • Cocktail attire

Cri de cœur

Création (Alan Lucien Øyen)

  • Choreography and texts

    Alan Lucien Øyen

  • Sound design

    Gunnar Innvaer

  • Set design

    Alexander Eales

  • Costume design

    Stine Sjøgren

  • Lighting design and video

    Martin Flack

  • Dramaturgy and text

    Andrew Wale

  • Associated Choreographer

    Daniel Proietto

  • Guest artist

    Héléna Pikon

Invited for the first time to create a work for the Paris Opera Ballet, choreographer, director and film‑maker Alan Lucien Øyen develops a scenario in which truth and illusion intertwine in the course of a production that plays with our perceptions. Fascinated by the infinitesimal differences between reality and fiction, Øyen creates, through theatre and dance, a truly moving dialogue between his characters. Trained in Bergen with the contemporary dance company Carte Blanche, and founder in 2006 of Winter Guests, the choreographer follows in the steps of the Tanstheater Wuppertal Pina Bausch. Text, commonplace gestures and dance movements combine to produce surprising tableaux in this new work giving substance to the dreams and anxieties that secretly haunt us all. Within its trompe-l’oeil sets, Alan Lucien Øyen’s dramaturgy radically modifies our perception of dance and gives it unexpected emotional power.

With the Paris Opera Corps de Ballet
Recorded music

Cri de cœur

Création (Alan Lucien Øyen)

  • Women

    Marion Barbeau

  • Letizia Galloni

  • Clémence Gross

  • Caroline Osmont

  • Ida Viikinkoski

  • Victoire Anquetil

  • Claire Gandolfi

  • Katherine Higgins

  • Juliette Hilaire

  • Laurène Levy

  • Charlotte Ranson

  • Nine Seropian

  • Camille de Bellefon

  • Marion Gautier de Charnacé

  • Héloïse Jocqueviel

  • Sofia Rosolini

  • Men

    Alexandre Gasse

  • Axel Ibot

  • Antoine Kirscher

  • Simon Le Borgne

  • Fabien Revillion

  • Daniel Stokes

  • Léo de Busserolles

  • Yvon Demol

  • Maxime Thomas

  • Hugo Vigliotti

  • Alexandre Boccara

  • Samuel Bray

  • Takeru Coste

  • Julien Guillemard

  • Loup Marcault-Derouard

  • Antonin Monié

  • Jérémie Devilder

  • 19:30

    First part

  • 20:45

    Intermission cocktail

  • 21:05

    Second part

  • 21:35


  • 22:20

    End of the performance


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Cri de cœur by Alan Lucien Øyen (season 22/23)

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