AROP evening — Opera


31 Jan. 2023

  • 2h55 with 1 intermission
  • Opéra Bastille
  • Cocktail attire


Production de 1982 - Calixto Bieito

  • Conductor

    Fabien Gabel; Calixto Bieito; Alfons Flores; Mercè Paloma; Alberto Rodríguez Vega; Ching-Lien Wu; Alessandro Di Stefano

  • Music

    Georges Bizet
    (1838 - 1875)

  • Libretto

    Henri Meilhac

  • Libretto

    Ludovic Halévy

At the premiere of Carmen on March 3rd 1875 at the Opéra‑ Comique, the audience, shocked by its “Castillian wantonness”, cried scandal! Georges Bizet, who died three months later, never knew that his opera was to become one of the most widely performed in the world. Although the success of this work can be attributed to its unforgettable melodies, it also owes much to the independent character of the celebrated cigarette factory worker: “Carmen will never give in. Born free, she will die free”, sings the heroine to Don José at the end of the opera. Her irrepressible liberty, coupled with the necessity to live on a knife’s edge, ever more intensely, is captured by Calixto Bieito’s production as by none other. From Mérimée’s original character, Bieito’s Carmen retains her profoundly Iberian contours and the ardent temperament of a woman living off small‑time trafficking. This rebel, however, is a thoroughly contemporary creature. A tantalising and indomitable vamp, she lives life in the fast lane, in an urgent desire to fully exist.


Production de 1982 - Calixto Bieito

  • Don José

    Joseph Calleja

  • Escamillo

    Ildebrando D’arcangelo

  • Le Dancaïre

    Marc Labonnette

  • Le Remendado

    Loïc Félix

  • Zuniga

    Guilhem Worms

  • Morales

    Tomasz Kumiega

  • Carmen

    Clémentine Margaine

  • Micaela

    Nicole Car

  • Frasquita

    Andrea Cueva Molnar

  • Mercedes

    Adèle Charvet

  • Lillas Pastia

    Karim Belkhadra

  • 19:30

    First part

  • 20:55

    Intermission cocktail

  • 21:25

    Second part

  • 22:25

    End of the performance

  • 22:40


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