AROP evening — Opera


04 Jul. 2022

  • 3h50 with 2 intermissions
  • Opéra Bastille
  • Cocktail attire


Faust - production de Tobias Kratzer

  • Conductor

    Thomas Hengelbrock

  • Music

    Charles Gounod

  • Libretto

    Jules Barbier

  • Libretto

    Michel Carré

  • Director

    Tobias Kratzer

  • Set design, Costume design

    Rainer Sellmaier

  • Lighting design

    Michael Bauer

  • Video

    Manuel Braun

  • Chorus master

    Ching-Lien Wu

“I want a treasure which contains them all! I want youth!” Frustrated by the futile quest for knowledge, the erudite old Faust sells his soul to the devil in exchange for eternal youth and the beautiful Marguerite… Reworking the legend popularised by Goethe, Gounod focuses on the love story and elevates the significance of Marguerite’s fall and ultimate salvation. Choosing to lighten the narrative’s philosophical scope allows him to strike a balance between scenes where the supernatural calls for the visually spectacular and others depicting a universe governed by inward actions and feelings. Transposed to the present day, Tobias Kratzer’s Faust reflects on contemporary society’s obsession with eternal youth. His production’s sophisticated scenography oscillates between hyperrealism and magic, between the world of today and the mysterious atmosphere of German romanticism.

Orchestre et Choeurs de l’Opéra national de Paris


Faust - production de Tobias Kratzer

  • Faust

    Benjamin Bernheim

  • Méphistophélès

    Christian Van Horn

  • Valentin

    Florian Sempey

  • Wagner

    Guilhem Worms

  • Marguerite

    Angel Blue

  • Siebel

    Emily D'Angelo

  • Dame Marthe

    Sylvie Brunet-Grupposo

  • 19:30

    First part

  • 20:20

    Intermission cocktail

  • 20:45

    Second part

  • 21:35

    Intermission cocktail

  • 21:55

    Third part

  • 23:10

    End of the performance

  • 23:20


Faust (saison 21/22) - Acte 5, Orchestre et Choeur - Final

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[EXTRAIT] FAUST by Charles Gounod (Christian Van Horn)

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[EXTRAIT] FAUST by Charles Gounod (Chœur des soldats)

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[EXTRAIT] FAUST by Charles Gounod (Benjamin Bernheim et Christian Van Horn)

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  • Montre de l'Opéra National de Paris