AROP evening — Ballet


28 Jun. 2022

  • 2h00 with 1 intermission
  • Palais Garnier
  • Cocktail attire


Production de 1990 - Jean Coralli et Jules Perrot

  • Conductor

    Benjamin Shwartz

  • Libretto

    Théophile Gautier

  • Libretto

    Jules-Henri Vernoy de Saint-Georges

  • Music

    Adolphe Adam

  • Choreography

    Jean Coralli

  • Choreography

    Jules Perrot

  • Adaptation

    Patrice Bart

  • Adaptation

    Eugène Polyakov

  • Set design

    Alexandre Benois

  • Sets realized by

    Silvano Mattei

  • Costume design

    Alexandre Benois

  • Costumes realized by

    Claudie Gastine

Giselle, the ultimate romantic ballet, marks the apogee of a new aesthetic. Diaphanous tutus, white gauze, tulle and tarlatan flood the stage. In a phantasmagorical transfiguration of a tragedy, the Wilis add to the illusion of immateriality. First performed at the Académie royale de Musique on June 28 1841, the ballet travelled to Russia and disappeared from the repertoire before being reintroduced back into France in 1910. Today, Patrice Bart and Eugène Polyakov’s version, faithful to Jean Coralli and Jules Perrot’s original choreography, continues to confirm the ballet’s early success. Luminous and terrestrial scenes vie with nocturnal and spectral visions in which dance becomes the language of the soul and the ballerina’s ethereal presence seems to defy gravity.

Les Étoiles, les Premiers Danseurs et le Corps de Ballet de l’Opéra
Orchestre de l’Opéra national de Paris


Production de 1990 - Jean Coralli et Jules Perrot

  • Giselle

    Alice Renavand

  • Albrecht

    Mathieu Ganio

  • Myrtha

    Roxane Stojanov

  • Hilarion

    Axel Ibot

  • Pas de deux (paysanne)

    Naïs Duboscq

  • Pas de deux (paysan)

    Mathieu Contat

  • Bathilde

    Aurélia Bellet

  • Wilfried

    Adrien Bodet

  • Adrien Couvez

  • Hugo Vigliotti

  • Maxime Thomas

  • Le Duc de Courlande

    Grégory Dominiak

  • 2 Willis

    Charline Giezendanner

  • Aurélia Bellet

  • 19:30

    First part

  • 20:20

    Intermission cocktail

  • 20:40

    Second part

  • 21:30

    End of the performance

  • 21:35