AROP evening — Opera

Nixon in China

25 Mar. 2023

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  • 3h10 with 1 intermission
  • Première
  • Opéra Bastille
  • Cocktail attire

Nixon in China

Nixon in China - Valentina Carrasco

  • Conductor

    Gustavo Dudamel; Ching-Lien Wu

  • Music

    John Adams

  • Libretto

    Alice Goodman

  • Director

    Valentina Carrasco

  • Set design

    Carles Berga

  • Set design

    Peter Van Praet

  • Lighting design

    Peter Van Praet

  • Costume design

    Silvia Aymonino

  • Sound creation

    Mark Grey

In February 1972, the American president Richard Nixon went to China to meet Mao Zedong. In the context of the war in Vietnam and the cold war, this encounter marked a turning point in Chinese‑ American relations. John Adams, a major musical figure of the last forty years, made this event of contemporary history the subject of his first opera. Nixon in China tackles the political thaw instigated by ping-pong diplomacy, begun by the invitation of the American table tennis players by their Chinese counterparts, one year before the presidential visit. A mesmerising work in which the pulsations and repetitions typical of minimalism are combined with melodic lines of great lyricism. For its entry into the Paris Opera repertoire, this work has been entrusted to the director Valentina Carrasco, who underlines the importance and the mediating power of Chinese national sport in history: “Friendship first, competition later”. 

Orchestre et Chœurs de l’Opéra national de Paris

Nixon in China fait l’objet d’une captation, réalisée par François-René Martin, coproduite par l’Opéra national de Paris et Camera Lucida, avec la participation de Mezzo et, le soutien du CNC et de la Fondation Orange, mécène des retransmissions audiovisuelles de l’Opéra national de Paris. Il est retransmis en direct le 7 avril 2023 sur la plateforme de l’Opéra national de Paris et en différé sur Mezzo et à compter du 14 avril 2023. Ce concert est proposé en son immersif.

Nixon in China sera diffusé le samedi 29 avril 2023 sur France Musique à 20h dans l’émission «  Samedi à l’Opéra  », présentée par Judith Chaine.

Nixon in China

Nixon in China - Valentina Carrasco

  • Richard Nixon

    Thomas Hampson

  • Pat Nixon

    Renée Fleming

  • Chou En-Lai

    Xiaomeng Zhang

  • Mao Tse-Tung

    John Matthew Myers

  • Henry Kissinger

    Joshua Bloom

  • Chiang Ch’ing

    Kathleen Kim

  • Nancy T'ang (1st secretary to Mao)

    Yajie Zhang

  • Second Secretary to Mao

    Ning Liang

  • Third Secretary to Mao

    Emanuela Pascu

  • 19:30

    First part

  • 20:35

    Intermission cocktail

  • 21:05

    Second part

  • 22:30

    End of the performance

Nixon in China (saison 22/23) - Acte 1 - Thomas Hampson (Nixon)

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[EXTRAIT] NIXON IN CHINA de John Adams (Renée Fleming)

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[EXTRAIT] NIXON IN CHINA de John Adams (Yajie Zhang, Ning Liang, Emanuela Pascu)

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Nixon in China (season 22/23)

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