AROP evening — Ballet


27 Feb. 2024

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  • 1h15
  • Palais Garnier
  • Cocktail attire


Sadeh21 - production de Ohad Naharin

  • Choreography

    Ohad Naharin

  • Soundtrack design

    Maxim Waratt

  • Lighting design

    Avi Yona Bueno (Bambi)

  • Costume design

    Ariel Cohen

Moving across the stage, the dancers, one by one and then together, manifest the fascinating body language of Ohad Naharin in an uncluttered setting. Transforming from abstract gray to the shade reminiscent of a sandy beach, the color of the monochrome decor changes through 21 studies of movement. In Hebrew, “sadeh” means “field”, referring to a field of study or a field of activity. With small touches, the narrative thread takes the audience through a labyrinth of virtuoso gestures. Supple, swift, and unpredictable, the Sadeh21 movements evoke strong and moving images. In this 2011 piece included in the repertoire of the Paris Opera Ballet, Ohad Naharin continues to explore his body language, Gaga. He stages magnetic and surprising episodes where bodies come together before creating a circle against the backdrop of space music. 

With the Paris Opera Corps de Ballet
Recorded musics


Sadeh21 - production de Ohad Naharin

  • Dancer

    Naïs Duboscq

  • Clémence Gross

  • Caroline Osmont

  • Ida Viikinkoski

  • Victoire Anquetil

  • Juliette Hilaire

  • Laurène Levy

  • Apolline Anquetil

  • Adèle Belem

  • Lucie Devignes

  • Lillian Di Piazza

  • Eugénie Drion

  • Marion Gautier de Charnacé

  • Seohoo Yun

  • Axel Ibot

  • Yvon Demol

  • Aurélien Gay

  • Mickaël Lafon

  • Hugo Vigliotti

  • Milo Avêque

  • Takeru Coste

  • Max Darlington

  • Jérémie Devilder

  • Théo Ghilbert

  • Julien Guillemard

  • Loup Marcault-Derouard

  • Antonin Monié

  • Marius Rubio

  • 19:15

    Cocktail d'avant spectacle

  • 20:00

    First part

  • 21:15

    End of the performance

  • 21:30


[INTERVIEW] Ohad Naharin transmet SADEH21

1 video

[EXTRAIT] SADEH21 d'Ohad Naharin

1 video

[EXTRAIT] SADEH21 d'Ohad Naharin

1 video

[EXTRAIT] SADEH21 d'Ohad Naharin

1 video

[EXTRAIT] SADEH21 d'Ohad Naharin

1 video

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