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The Academy Circle

Transmission, training and creation are the three core missions of the Paris Opera Academy. Focused on two fields, professional training on one hand and artistic and cultural education on the other hand, the Paris Opera Academy seeks to accompany young artists and enables children to discover the world of opera and ballet in an active and innovative process.

Stage directors and choreographers from various backgrounds are invited to offer a new vision of repertoire works, for artists in residence, who are regularly brought to experience the stage in our theatres and beyond.

The Academy welcomes nearly 20,000 spectators each season. Accompanied by their teachers and by the Opera teams, this young audience is initiated into the art of opera and ballet.

The cultural educational programmes hinge around four key discoveries: the masterpieces of our repertoire, thanks to performances, rehearsals and broadcasts, the Opera’s skills, through meetings with artists and professionals, our venues, as part of visits to the two theatres and their backstage areas, and artistic practice, through workshops taught by partner artists of the Academy.


Tax reduction of 66% on IRPP or 75% on IFI.

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The Paris National Opera would like to thank the Academy Circle members for their support:

  • Jean et Anne-Marie Burelle
  • Martine Cligman
  • Jean-François Dubos
  • Flavia et Barden Gale
  • Maura Helena Gonzaga
  • Tuulikki Janssen
  • Philippe et Karine Journo
  • Andrew J. Martin-Weber
  • Sabine Masquelier
  • Charles et Marianne Ruggieri
  • Charles et Marianne Ruggieri
  • Natalia Smalto

  • Jean Audenis
  • Patrice de Camaret
  • François-Xavier Chauchat
  • Jean-Pierre et Marie-Florence Duprieu
  • Claudio et Renata Garcia
  • Emmanuel Goldstein
  • Pierre et Helle Liautaud
  • Xavier Melin
  • Hamylton Padilha
  • Guilherme Peirao Leal
  • Eric de Rothschild
  • Raoul et Melvina Salomon
  • Guy Zarzavatdjian

  • Alain Belda Fernandez
  • Laura Dias Leite
  • Aimée Dubos Chantemesse
  • Michel Germain
  • Sébastien Grandin
  • Gary et Jeanne Ianziti
  • Thomas Pearsall et Rio Howard
  • Agnès Schweitzer

  • Fondation Cabestan

  • L'Opéra national de Paris remercie également les donateurs de la Matinée "Rêve d'enfants"
  • * certains donateurs ont préféré rester anonymes.

Mécènes Fondateurs de l'Académie

  • Mécène Fondateur de l'Académie de l'Opéra

  • Mécène Fondateur de l'Académie de l'Opéra

  • Mécène Fondateur de l'Opéra en Guyane

Mécènes de l'Académie

  • Mécène des programmes d'éducation artistique de l'Académie

Associations et fondations

  • Mécène d'OpérApprentis

  • Mécène des programmes pédagogiques

  • Mécène des artistes en résidence

  • Mécène de la Matinée Rêve d'enfants

  • Association pour le Rayonnement de l'Opéra national de Paris

  • Fondation pour le Rayonnement de l'Opéra national de Paris

  • Cercle Carpeaux