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Sharing, education, and creation are the three main aspects of the Paris Opera Academy's mission. With Vocational Training at one end of its spectrum and Artistic Education at the other one, the Academy strives to support young artists in learning their trades and allows students from kindergarten to university to actively discover the world of opera and ballet.

Directors and choreographers from very different backgrounds are invited to offer a new interpretation of pieces from the repertoire, both for artists in residence and for students, as part of their artistic and cultural education journey.

With its programming for young audiences, each season the Academy opens its doors to nearly 20,000 spectators of all ages. With guidance for teachers and personnel from the Opera , young audiences are introduced to the art of opera and ballet.

Diverse educational programs offered by the Academy are grouped around three areas of discovery: professions are explored through meetings with artists and professionals from the Opera, pieces from the repertoire are introduced through access to performances, rehearsals or recordings, and venues are presented as part of visits to theaters and behind-the-scenes experiences.


The sharing of the of know-how is at the heart of the Paris Opera Academy's mission, which each season welcomes around thirty young artists in residence enabling them to complement their training.

About thirty artists from all over the world—singers, piano players/vocal coaches, instrumentalists, and directors—perfect their skills at the Paris Opera for two or three seasons.

Making stage experience the central aspect of their training, the Academy strives to help these young professionals learn their trades and gives them an opportunity to work alongside recognized artists: musicians of the Paris Opera Orchestra, conductor Leonardo García Alarcón who conducted L'Isola disabitata last November at the Dijon Opera, as well as Vincent Dumestre and Le Poème Harmonique ensemble for The Coronation of Poppea scheduled for March 2022 in Paris and Dijon.

Academy artists will benefit from a long-term exchange with their counterparts in the Lindemann Young Artist Development Program at the New York Metropolitan Opera. Discover the "Artists in Residence" program


Each season, the artistic and cultural education programs offered by the Academy create an opportunity to actively introduce the world of opera and ballet to younger generations and to educate new audiences.


In partnership with the National Education, this season "Ten Months of School and Opera" works with 22 classes in the discovery of opera and ballet. It is also a system of excellence for two classes—a “Little Violins” class and a “Dance” class benefit from 6 to 8 hours of artistic practice per week during school time.


Since the 2019/2020 season, workshops led by Régine Chopinot have welcomed youngsters in exile, students of French, and disadvantaged people. Through dance, combining gesture with speech, this project aims to share tools for personal, human, and societal fulfillment.


In partnership with the Île-de-France Region and tailored for Apprentice Training Centers (CFA), artistic practice workshops are designed by artists in collaboration with the Academy team, and delivered within 11 partner institutions during the time for studies. This program, which also includes visits and meetings, allows apprentices to acquire knowledge complementary to their specialties and to gain an experience that they will leverage throughout their professional career. This season, the program is enriched with an inclusive component developed with the ESAT Bastille, an institution that supports people with psychological or mental disabilities in the process of their professional integration.


"Opera for Me Too" is a program in partnership with the City of Sarcelles, comprising three parts. The first one concerns a group of adults engaged in the process of social integration and learning French. The second component is based on the Second Chance School in Sarcelles and allows young adults to take advantage of personalized courses that are likely to be helpful as they reflect upon their professional orientation. The last one offers a Paris Opera discovery tour to young Sarcellois schoolchildren.


The “Opera-University” program aims to offer each student an opportunity to discover opera and ballet. Tracks comprising visits, conferences, and shows encourage the sharing of knowledge and emotions while facilitating an intergenerational dialogue.

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