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Lyrical productions

The Paris National Opera strives to promote and enrich an exceptional lyrical repertoire that spans more than four centuries—from baroque to contemporary. By engaging not only the greatest performers and directors of our time, but also young talents from the new generation of artists, the institution fulfills its fundamental mission of promoting diverse styles presented by various musical languages .

Each season, more than 20 opera productions, almost a third of which are new shows, are presented on the stages of the Palais Garnier and the Bastille Opera.


Tax reduction of 66% on the person income tax (IRPP) or 75% on the real estate wealth tax (IFI).

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The Paris National Opera would like to thank the Cercle Berlioz members for their support:

  • Aurélie et Romain Benhamou
  • Elizabeth et Robert Carroll
  • Maura Helena Gonzaga
  • William et Françoise Torchiana

  • Philippe et Donatienne Beaufour
  • Tuulikki Janssen
  • Guillaume de Seynes

  • Yves Alexandre
  • Florence et Damien Bachelot
  • Jean-Pierre et Marie-Florence Duprieu
  • Joyce et Philip Kan
  • Catherine et Pâris Mouratoglou
  • Chantal Peraudeau-Mazin
  • Christian et Béatrice Schlumberger
  • Thierry Sueur et Béatrice Thomas
  • Claudine Théodore
  • Sandrine Zerbib et Changsheng Wang
  • Antoine et Sylvie Winckler

  • Jean-Marie Baillot d’Estivaux
  • Jacques et Katharina Bouhet
  • Reem Boustany
  • Bernard et Marie Coisne
  • Charles Foussard
  • Elisabeth et Hervé Gambert
  • Olivier et Maryse Gayno
  • Helman et Anne le Pas de Sécheval
  • Marie-Claire Ricard
  • Xavier Richer
  • Eric Rouvroy
  • Laurent Samama et Olivier Borgeaud
  • Isabelle et Bertrand Schwab
  • Isabelle Sédillot
  • Isabelle de Kerviler

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