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To your pointes!

As symbols of virtuosity, lightness and sophistication, pointe shoes are used every day by the Paris Opera ballerinas both in the rehearsal studios and on stage. Help finance them and support their excellence... right to the tip of their toes!

The company ballerinas use about 10,000 pairs of pointe shoes each season, and an Étoile can wear up to 3 pairs in a single performance. Male dancers use soft ballet shoes and custom-made boots for most classical and neo-classical ballets.

Emblems of the French Ballet School, these ballet shoes are essential to the dancers’ art and allow them to practise every day in the best conditions.

The campaign has already financed more than 4,400 pairs of pointe shoes. Join it and get involved in the daily life of one of the most famous ballet companies in the world!


Tax reduction of 66% on Individual Income Tax or 75% on Real Estate Wealth Tax.

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The Paris National Opera would like to thank Pointe shoes appeal donors for their support:

Parrains de la campagne

  • Romarin Billong
  • Emmanuelle Chan
  • Gregory Maes

  • Mevlüt Erding

  • Emmanuel Weyd
  • Jana Jagoe

  • Boris Damon
  • Hélène Mulliez
  • Jean-Etienne Szollosi
  • François Theves

  • Et, Danielle Bechet
  • Virginie Boennec
  • Joëlle Bonnet
  • Coralie Charriot
  • Laurent Cabanes
  • Véronique Daubée
  • Bertrand Deschamps
  • Apolline Dron
  • Mauricette Haas
  • Francisco Javier Iglesias
  • Laurence Lenoir
  • Lucette Vimard

Some donors prefer to remain anonymous.